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tops to wear with jeans now

October 19, 2017

We're getting chilly mornings and evenings around here, finally!  Of course, it's hot as can be during the afternoon so dressing the kids for school is interesting.  How can I teach them about utilizing layers? ha!  I've been transitioning back into jeans and found a few cute new tops!

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Sales + Random Friday Favorites

September 21, 2017

Let's start with the fun sale finds for the week!

50% off was $59 now $29.50

dang, they're sold out in my size---I would have been all over this dress---hurry and check for your size!  Here's to hoping they restock it!

I love the back---so flattering!



And how delicious do these two pastas look?!  I'm trying to get creative with Wells' lunches and pasta salad is my new go-to and it's fun to have lots of variation. Both recipes can be found here.


My favorite room of the week is actually an outdoor space.  With temperatures starting to dip, I'm craving evenings outside.  A fire-pit is nice but a big outdoor chimney would be amazing!
If we had this outdoor area I might never come inside.


My desktop, my phone, and my camera lens all blacked out on me on the same day so during my extended online break I've been reading a ton.  A few of my favorites are The girl in cabin 10, The art forger, and Along the infinite sea.


I've also been watching a lot of BBC lately.  I just finished Upstairs Downstairs and Victoria and I need a new show to binge.  Any recs?

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Lounge Outfits + Jeans and Tees

September 20, 2017

Always love a good reason to throw on lounge wear.  In addition to actual athletic clothes, I can't get enough of casual easy looks like jeans and a tee shirt.  Are y'all liking mules with your jeans?  I love it.  It's a little bit dressier than my typical bootie but still not a fancy dress shoe.  I'm a fan!

ruffle sleeve top || jeans (look for less)

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We're selling our house!

Y'all, we are selling our house!!!  We'd love for someone we or our neighbors know to purchase it before we list on MLS in a few weeks.

We have loved this home and our incredible neighborhood so much but we are also really excited for the next chapter in our lives.  A lot of the details of our next move are still up in the air; there are a lot of moving parts!  Change can be so scary but it can also be awesome and I'm ready for the ride!

Check out the details at 205sweetbriar.com and share with your friends in the Richmond area!

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September Accessories for the Home

September 5, 2017

The house is so quiet!  It's really hard to believe I have two kids in elementary school.  Time is going by so fast.  Mamas of babies, I swear it goes by so slow for so long and then you blink and they're old.  I'm still at the bottom of the PTA ladder, though, so I have a while to go before they're really grown :)  So far, everyone is liking school while they're there but they both hate getting up and going.  I think they'd both prefer a three days on four day off schedule.  Mornings are tough, but we're getting as much as possible ready the night before so we just need to get up and go.


I'm still loving blues and brass for the home.  I've already started swapping out some of my summer brights for things that are a bit moodier.  Charcoal grey and wood tones are popping up on my radar. My look feels like it's evolving a little bit more formal.  I want cozy and welcoming!

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